What is the Lens?

The "lens" refers to a new vision or perspective that comes from studying a new language.  In the case of Lengua Lens, services specialize in the English language, for individuals and for companies.


Language is much more than just the words that make it up. Cultural awareness and understanding also play a large role in language acquisition and are critical to reaching your customers, if that is your aim. The inspiration for Lengua Lens comes from the fact that acquiring a new language can give a new view of the world indeed, but we only get there by working through the lens of our first language. The term “lens” comes from the basic linguistic principle of "interference," which is the biggest inhibitor to learning a second language. Inevitably when learning a second language, we learn through the lens of our first. Much of the Lengua Lens teaching philosophy comes from educating about the differences between languages to then correct errors that originate from first language interference... but it´s not that technical in class!


The same concept applies for companies communicating with their customers. Effective communication must happen through the "lens" of the customer, and if you have customers that speak a language different from your own, there is a science to translation. Without understanding your customers´ lens, it only makes it harder to meet their needs, which in the end is not your goal


So it is another lens that a student is after by choosing to study a new language, and it is another lens that a company owner is seeking while trying to better understand and communicate with its customers. Whatever your needs are, let Lengua Lens help. For a detailed description of student services, go here, and for a list of company services, go here


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