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Below is a collection of student testimonials, including private and online students.

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Kleydi Venero

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Hi, I'm Kleydi Venero. I study Marketing and work in an international company as a sales assistant. I think  English is an important skill for professional development, and because of that I decided to start with private English lessons.  I really like Meghan, she is an excellent professional.  She has a lot of competence to work on what you really need and want.  In my personal opinion the best way to improve your pronunciation is studying with a native teacher, and Meg always has interesting techniques to work on that.  I enjoy a lot my classes with her and I recommend it.

Thierry Dauger

Bordeaux, France

My name is Thierry Dauger, I live in Bordeaux (France), and I knew Meghan by means of 7Speaking.  I have been working in an international transport company for more than ten years as an export supervisor and I still need to improve my English level, verbally above all.  It´s my weakness.  Meghan and I worked 40 hours during the last six months, either online through Skype or by phone to train my ear.  What I liked best by working with Meghan, was that we could talk about various subjects, often topicals, touchies sometimes and always with deep mutual respect.  She nevertheless made me work a lot with patience and she encouraged me each lesson we had.  I consider her an objective person, and I am hoping to have a new 40 hour stage with Meghan (if my boss agrees).

Juan Antonio Santamaria

Buenos Aires, Argentina

I am Juan Antonio Santamaria, and I had English classes in my company, ICS Inspection & Control Services.  I am studying English because I need to improve my skills because I work in a multinational company.  I had classes in a group of three people during work time. Meghan is an EXCELLENT teacher with huge knowledge of her expertise.  She teaches in a way you NEVER get bored.  She knows exactly what your weaknesses are and she puts emphasis on those.... so you DON´T waste time with stuff you don´t really need.

Victoria Guzmán

Buenos Aires, Argentina

My name is Victoria Guzmán. I have taken classes with Meghan as a private student, because I want to take an international exam (IELTS). I enjoy very much our lessons.  As a native speaker of English, I think Meghan is very prepared because she is really connected with the language.  With her, I learn how to write correctly and also how to speak in a better and proper way.  We do a lot of listening and reading exercises.  If I have to use a word to describe Meghan as a teacher, it would be great!  I think that my future plans with English are to take the IELTS exam and then apply for a scholarship to study abroad.

Martine Ettori

Paris, France

I am a medical secretary in a hospital in Paris.  The majority of the documents we receive are in English, so it is very important to me in my work.  I wanted to find an English teacher who also spoke French. I later came across Meghan on the 7Speaking website and I was a little afraid when I saw that she did not speak French (but Spanish as a second language) and she was American.  I decided to try the adventure anyway.  Meghan is a rare person, an excellent teacher who feels when the student is not doing well or does not understand, and she does not let you go to pessimism. She is comprehensive and is also known to find the words to tell you when you are wrong and when you make the same mistakes. She has been an incomparable help to advance in my progress in English.  Three key words summarize her: talent, heart and knowledge.  I will soon finish my oral program and I hope to maintain contact with Meghan. I will continue to progress with the advice and tools she has recommended to me.

Gemma Bonastre

Barcelona, Spain

My opinion of "Inglés Consciente" is that it was very useful for me and entertaining.  It has been a motivation for me to continue in the learning of English.  I felt very comfortable with Meghan and I hope to learn more in the future.  The classes were active, dynamic and fun.

Benoit Froment

Brussels, Belgium

My English classes with Meghan were essentially to perfect the current and professional practice of this language.  These courses in one-to-one at a rate of 6 hours / day a week have enormously brought me by her ability to make me talk as much as possible on both social issues and my professional aspirations.

This of course, teaching me to be very careful to the accent; correct pronunciation of the words and verbs closest to native English; the perfect use of grammar especially at the level of conjugations, prepositions, adverbs, etc .; the structure of sentences by the proper placement of words, verbs, prepositions, etc., in their proper place; learning many new words and common language expressions; etc.  The expectation that I had were high - the result is up to my expectations and I highly recommend English lessons with Meghan. She is very attentive to the concrete and real needs of her students. It allowed me to become fluent while becoming aware of my ability through his encouragement and his enthusiasm while being very professional. I strongly recommend her as an English teacher because she is also a seasoned linguist, passionate about transmitting her work. A very big thank you to you Meghan!

Quim Franco

Barcelona, Spain

The class "Inglés Consciente" was very good for me.  I am not afraid to speak English anymore, and it was fun.  The focus of SVO was helpful.  I liked the approach for learning.


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