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When learning a second language, it´s inevitable that we learn through the lens of our first language.  That is the inspiration for Lengua Lens. Linguistics shows that adults and children learn in the same way, but then why is it that children can acquire a language so quickly in comparison?  They have less to filter through to say it simply.  Also, they are less influenced by their first language, because they are still acquiring it as children.  


Adults on the other hand are influenced by two primary things when learning another language: 1. their first language and 2. their need to understand why something is the way it is.  When a teacher understands the other language well enough to understand, or to even anticipate errors and difficulties, it solves both number one and number two.

Lengua Lens combines this philosophy with teaching experience to fill the holes you have in your current English or to start from scratch. A good teacher after all should anticipate what a student needs and also be able to deliver.  


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Individual Classes (online)


For students interested who live in Brussels, take private lessons from an American native speaker. Classes are tailored for each student based on their needs and skill levels. Business/professional English, test preparation or conversation-based classes are available to focus on advanced vocabulary and to refine your skills. The emphasis is usually on polishing a student´s English and/or filling in the "gaps" of their learning, if they are not starting from the very beginning.


There are many advantages to having a native teacher, primarily for the most accurate vocabulary use, cultural connections and of course pronunciation. Contact me for availability and pricing if you are interested.







Technology has changed many things, including the way language is taught. No longer do students have to listen to tapes to hear and imitate a native accent, nor do they have to travel abroad to speak with a native easily. Although the second is always recommended if a student is able to do it, online classes are an incredible alternative that modern technology has made possible. Many people in fact are learning to prefer it to private lessons or are combining it with private in-person lessons. Not only is learning online the most convenient method for a busy life-style, it also happens to be an affordable way to learn.


By using Skype or Google Hangouts, online classes are tailored to meet your individual needs and skill level. Contact me for further information including pricing.



Professional English classes specialize in building business vocabulary and gaining confidence in your English needs at work.  Of course conversation and grammar come up in the classes, but business and professional topics, or specific issues you run into at work, are the focus of these classes.


Conversation-based classes are the most common classes that students are looking for because they are grammar and conversation-based, utilizing a variety of resources.  Together we read articles, watch videos, discuss miscellaneous topics and do role plays.  The goal of these classes is to give the student speaking time while getting the on-the-spot correction they need.  


Mindful English in Brussels is a weekly event every Tuesday.  It is an innovative idea for learning English directed at people who don’t want to learn in the traditional sense or have been unsuccessful in traditional settings. The approach is for students who feel blocked in their learning, would like to try a new approach or have and value a spiritual and/or meditation practice. In this new method we will use a combination of techniques to learn English in a systemic manner, instead of focusing on grammar or conversation alone. We will learn to pay attention to our thoughts and emotions while learning.  The intent is to learn in a relaxed environment and gain self awareness while learning to better position the student for success.







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